Ask SAS: What's the strategy looking ahead?

Göran Jansson, who has overall responsibility for SAS strategy, growth initiatives, the SAS fleet and strategic sourcing, answers some of your questions.

What is SAS’ strategy looking ahead?
It’s of the utmost importance to us to continue to develop our strategy in line with the continuous changes in an industry where competition is so tough. Our customers ­demand us to be alert and in tune with the changes in their behaviors and needs – it’s important for us to continue to address our most important travelers, those that fly the most, and for us to be the first alternative for these people for their business and leisure trips. 

Strategy-wise then, we will continue what we are doing, but looking further ahead, at the next five to ten years, it’s important for us to look at large investments in new aircraft – these planes can be used for the next 20 years, so we need to understand how they will be used and how we can increase our competitiveness and continue to be the right choice for our customers.

What changes can we expect to see in the SAS fleet in the coming years?
In aircraft that will be used for the next five years or so, passengers will have the same experience when they board a short-haul airplane as they do on a long-haul one, in terms of colors and SAS branding. More than half of the new A320neos have been delivered now and all the others will be done in the same style by 2019.

As an American Express cardholder can we expect to see any changes?
Our partnerships such as American ­Express and SEB have been a great success. They give people the chance not just to gain points when they fly with us, but also when they spend money with their cards. Amex’ two-for-one, for example, has been a huge success, and this kind of thing is what we want to see more of as a growth initiative. Our aim is to match our partner products better with our customer base, especially Euro­Bonus members, and be able to offer them a broader spectrum of different products. 

How can you keep costs reasonable in the coming year? 
In cooperation with our suppliers, SAS will continue to find smarter ways to remain cost-efficient to be able to offer our customers lower ticket prices – it’s important for ­customers to get the right price, but also the right experience to match it. 

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