Danish microbrewery Mikkeler has developed an ale, exclusively for SAS.
Danish microbrewery Mikkeler has developed an ale, exclusively for SAS.


Beer developed exclusively for SAS travelers

Starting in September, all business class passengers can enjoy a new beer, developed by Danish microbrewery Mikkeler, exclusively for SAS.

Sweet and Sour

BV 7,7%
Sweet and Sour is a traditional spontaneously fermented Belgian ale, aged in oak barrels for two years and then re-fermented with mango juice. The taste is tart and dry with a sweet tropical finish.

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The beer is spontaneously fermented, and inspired by the dynamic life and food culture of the bustling Chinese city.

“Hong Kong has a special place in my heart, because my wife’s family is from there. I love Cantonese food which made it easy for me to find the inspiration for the beer,” says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder of Mikkeller. 

He decided to balance the sourness of the spontaneously fermented beer with mango. ‘Sweet and Sour’ is bottled in 1888 bottles, a reference to the number eight, symbol of good fortune in the Chinese culture.

Inspired by vintage SAS posters, Mikkeller’s Art Director Keith Shore came up with the cool design for the cans that share the color of the original SAS logo.

Mikkeller has now brewed four beers for SAS, with more to come.

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