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Offsetting boost for EuroBonus travelers

SAS is working toward a more sustainable way of flying. The latest initiative is to carbon offset EuroBonus tickets.

For decades, SAS has been working with numerous activities to reduce its greenhouse gases.
“Our main priority is to reduce our emissions by changing to more efficient aircraft, using more efficient procedures and transitioning to bio-fuels,” says Lars Andersen Resare, Head of Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility at SAS. “But until it is technically possible to conduct climate neutral flying, we carbon offset.”

Since 2007, SAS travelers have been able to voluntarily calculate and offset their CO2 emissions through an SAS offsetting program. 
“We were among the first on the market with a calculator and a scheme like this,” says Andersen Resare. “We’ve promoted it extensively and through different activities tried to increase the number of purchases and raise interest.”

Andersen Resare points out that the SAS calculator, which shows the different types of greenhouse gases generated by air travel, is used quite extensively, suggesting that many people are actually interested in offsetting. 
“We have also seen an increase over the last couple of years from including the offsetting program in some of our corporate agreements and our own business travel, as well as on employee tickets,” Andersen Resare adds.

SAS’ carbon offsetting is set to rise significantly. In April last year, SAS began including CO2 offsetting as an integrated part of its Youth tickets and as of February 2019, all EuroBonus members’ trips on SAS flights are offset.
“Today, 5.5 million SAS -EuroBonus members -account for almost 40% of SAS’ traveler-related carbon emissions,” says Andersen Resare. “By introducing the default offset, we’re making it easier for our travelers to make an even more sustainable choice.”

SAS calculates its carbon dioxide emissions and offsets these by investing in carefully chosen renewable energy projects, especially wind power projects, via an external partner.

The SAS EuroBonus CO2 offsetting scheme will automatically be applied to any booking made with a valid EuroBonus number on a SAS-operated flight.

The offsetting scheme is just part of SAS’ wider sustainability agenda, which is primarily focused on reducing emissions through technology. 

SAS began sustainability reporting in 1996. All reports are available at sasgroup.net.  

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