SAS Gift Card – a fantastic Christmas gift

SAS has introduced a new gift card that can be used to buy flights, products sold on the website and even biofuel on board your flight.

Ever thought you’d like to offer someone the world? Now’s your chance, thanks to the new SAS Gift Card which gives you the opportunity to treat someone to the trip of a lifetime and much more. The digital “card,” which comes in denominations from €20–€200, is available from the SAS website, but currently only in the Scandinavian region. You can use it as payment for the entire trip, or just part of it, as well as for travel extras. You can also combine payment with a gift card/voucher and a credit card and you can use up to two vouchers at a time. 

The card can be redeemed 48 hours after being downloaded by the recipient and it’s valid for one year, making it an ideal present for Christmas, birthdays and any other special occasions. If you’re lucky enough to receive one, you can choose between 125 SAS destinations in Europe, the US and Asia. But that’s not all.

“Other great ways of using the card include buying biofuel for your flight, or preordering your favorite meal on board. The gift card makes for a personal present and it’s a product that SAS travelers have been asking for,” Karl Sandlund, Executive Vice President, Commercial at SAS says. 

By the giftcard here: SAS Giftcard

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