SAS Fresh Bite snack - here with smoked salmon.
SAS Fresh Bite snack - here with smoked salmon.


SAS launches new onboard menu

A new fresh food experience for travelers on domestic flights in Scandinavia was launched by SAS last month.

This will be the first time in recent years that fresh food, apart from during breakfast service, will be available on selected flights in Scandinavia. It will be offered in addition to the current drink and snack selection. SAS is offering the new menu in response to customer requests for fresh food on short flights, since many travelers have said that they’d like to be able to enjoy something small, fresh and healthy to eat on their flights.The new products will be made from the highest quality ingredients and offer travelers a modern, exciting and above all delicious food experience.

The new fresh food experience consists of two categories. The first is an all-day sandwich called a Polarrulle, which is hand made from thin sourdough bread and is available with a choice of Wästgöta Kloster cheese or alder wood smoked ham from Norrland, Sweden. It will be available for purchase after 9am in SAS Go and will cost Dkr30, Nkr35, Skr35 or €4.

Travelers in SAS Plus will be able to enjoy the Polarrulle sandwich complimentary between 9am and midday. During the rest of the day, they will be offered the second new item, a complimentary Fresh Bite snack. This will consist of three different components and come in several varieties that will be changed on a rotational basis so that frequent travelers won’t get bored.

The first varieties of the Fresh Bite snack will be chicken with pearl barley and cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon with rye chips and sugar peas, smoked salmon with rye chips & rice salad and chorizo with an olive and lentil salad. The Polarrulle sandwiches Fresh Bite snacks will be available on selected domestic, inter Scandinavian and European short-haul flights that are less than 80 minutes long. 

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