SAS Lounges enhance your travel experience

SAS has been busy not just upgrading their lounges but also opening new ones. And even if you’re not a premium EuroBonus member you can still enjoy them using points or cash.

Access to SAS lounges already ranks as a top EuroBonus benefit and Northern Europe’s number one airline is determined to keep it that way. New and updated lounges and café lounges have been created by Scandinavia’s top architects and designers and SAS Go passengers are now being offered access.

Birgitta Sandhaag, Acting Head On Ground Products & Services says, “Lounges are now bigger and offer increased seating, along with a calm and relaxing environment for work, meetings and entertainment. We’ve harmonized our lounges so you can always expect the same experience.”

All this and then some

• Fast and free WiFi
• Newspapers & magazines
• Free food & beverage
• Travel Service
• Larger spaces & additional seating
• Increased number of toilets
• New design elements & colors
• Kids room
• Phone room
• Guest office
• Relaxing areas 

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Speedy WiFi, a wide selection of reading material, refreshments, and comfortable seating remain important, along with Travel Service, which allows passengers to easily attend to any travel needs.

“When we designed the new lounge concept we combined function and design. Our focus has been to create a welcoming atmosphere were our guests feel welcome and part of the SAS community. The design expression is based on a contemporary Scandinavian design,” says Cilla Nordenberg, Manager Design & On Ground Innovation

New features take SAS lounges into new territory, such as private ‘phone rooms’ and ‘smart office space’ for meetings, and kids rooms.  Additionally, showers are now available at Arlanda, while Oslo will have showers from 2017,”

“In Gothenburg we now offer toilets inside the lounge, and at CPH and ARN we’ve increased the number of toilets.

Previously, Lounge access was limited to SAS Diamond, Gold and Star Gold members, as well as to passengers holding tickets in Star Business and SAS Business/SAS Plus. Now, when you’re checkin online, a pop-up question will ask if you would like access the airport lounge.

SAS Lounge at Arlanda airport just had their big new launch. “It costs 3000 EuroBonus points or €28 per person. This gives you access to all the lounges have to offer, making your travel experience, whether you’re coming or going, that much more relaxed and enjoyable,” says Sandhaag. “And if you forgot to book access online you can pay at reception.”

The new lounge at Arlanda opened the same day, September 10, as SAS’s inaugural flight to Hong Kong, China. The Gothenburg lounge has been open since spring and the lounge in Oslo will have its grand opening in November.

The new Café Lounges in Tromsø and Trondheim are placed close to the gates and are perfect for premium passengers, offering excellent workspace, with both electrical outlets and USB sockets, as well as refreshments.

“We really value our domestic travelers,” says Nordenberg . “Often they don’t have a relaxing spot at the airport, so we want to offer them the space they need and want.”

While SAS Go travelers can use points or cash to gain access to the lounges and cafés EuroBonus Silver members will have free access July 1 – August 31, as well as during the holiday season, December 15 – January 15. 

“I often hear from passengers that they love the SAS lounge experience,” says Sandhaag. “They say that when they enter an SAS lounge they know they are on their way home.”

Text: Judi Lembke


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