SAS International Lounge in Oslo
SAS International Lounge in Oslo


SAS Lounges - Making travelers feel at home

With approximately 3 million guests visiting SAS’s lounges each year, SAS knows the importance of continually developing new ideas to make life easier for travelers.

SAS wants visitors to its lounges around the world to be able to relax, work and eat in an inspiring and comfortable environment. The main focus of the SAS Lounge team has always been to provide a lounge that is welcoming, has a Scandinavian design and makes travelers feel at home.

The first SAS Lounge was introduced in 1964 at Copenhagen Airport. The SAS Lounge concept has always been based on a contemporary Scandinavian expression in terms of materials that last and age in a beautiful manner, combined with modern, innovative elements and features.

“The SAS Lounge design expression has always followed SAS’s visual identity and brand heritage,” says Cilla Nordenberg, Concept Development & Service Design at SAS. “The design has been modernized and updated in a tasteful way over the years to make it feel contemporary. What we above all want to present is the ambiance of Scandinavian heritage.”

The team has adapted and modernized SAS’s lounges over the years to ensure that the lounge makes the journey easier and more joyful for the traveler. Today, SAS offers 18 lounges at 12 airports around the world, divided into four service levels and based on self-service solutions for a seamless travel experience.New York 2007

The four service levels of lounge are the SAS Gold Lounge, the SAS (International) Lounge, the SAS Domestic Lounge and the SAS Café Lounge.The Gold Lounge has a a relaxed, exclusive atmosphere, perfect for both work and relaxation. The other lounges gradually have a higher tempo and more easy-going atmospheres.

“The different lounges have logical and intuitive environments based on customer needs says Nordenberg. “With our range of lounges, there is an option for everyone, no matter what the purpose of your travel.” 

In addition to the lounges found at airports, the SAS City Lounge in downtown Stockholm in May in ­cooperation with No 18 Office & Lounge. For 24 hours before and after a SAS flight, EuroBonus Diamond members plus one guest each can access this creative new meeting place. The SAS City Lounge offers both open-plan work areas and private meeting rooms where you can work and network while on the move.Presidents Lounge at  Newark airport, New York 1989.

In 2015, SAS expanded and updated its lounges in Scandinavia. The international lounges at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Oslo Airport are now almost twice the size. The SAS Lounge at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg has over 100 square meters of extra space. Arlanda’s ­Terminal 5, Gothenburg, and Oslo also have a kids’ room for the youngest travelers. SAS’s international lounges, such as those in New York, Chicago and Paris, will also be developed and rebuilt in the same manner as the lounges in Scandinavia.

Scandinavian Airlines was a pioneer in introducing lounges for its travelers and continues to lead the way today. Even though SAS has only recently introduced its new lounge concept, it is already planning and ­preparing for the next generation of lounges.

Text: Agnes Sundblad Elverfors

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