The New Workspace Area with a glimpse of Daylight Booster Zone.
The New Workspace Area with a glimpse of Daylight Booster Zone.

Photo: SAS


SAS' new initiatives improve the travel experience in Copenhagen

Based on feedback from passengers, SAS is investing significantly in making the travel experience at Copenhagen Airport even better. This includes the introduction of a completely new SAS Service Point, a SAS Lounges upgrade and a redesigned SAS Fast Track.

The new initiatives will improve the travel experience with faster and additional service and timeless, sustainable design. They will be launched during the summer and fall of 2018. The redesign of SAS Fast Track is already complete.

SAS Fast Track new design

SAS Fast Track has been given a visually recognizable SAS identity and an interior that is in line with SAS' updated design concept, which is characterized by subdued tones and strong materials such as leather, metal and wood.

"We are currently investing in new initiatives at Copenhagen Airport, and it feels really good to introduce and roll out the new design concept that has been really well received elsewhere," says Kristine Mayer, Senior Director for Strategic Product Design at SAS.

Brand new SAS Service Point

In October, SAS Service Point will be opening near the SAS Check-in and Bag Drop area in Terminal 3. The Service Point will have a recognizable SAS identity and, among other things, offer customer computers for ticket booking, check-in and electronic device charging. In addition, SAS staff will be on hand to provide personal service should any problems arise. 

SAS Lounges get a thorough makeover

In October/November, SAS will open the doors to its new, innovative lounge. SAS' biggest lounge, covering 3000 m2 and spread over 2 floors, will undergo a major renovation during the fall. In its new form, the lounge will not only be an exclusive and fun place to work and relax before flying, it will also be a place where guests can enjoy barista-brewed coffee, try out the latest technology in the lounge’s innovation hub or get re-energized using light therapy - just like in the Daylight Booster zone in Oslo's Domestic Lounge which is shown in the video below.

“Over the course of the past year, we’ve invested heavily in SAS Lounges in New York, Chicago, Paris, Oslo and Bergen. Now it’s Copenhagen’s turn. We’re looking forward to providing visitors of SAS Lounges in Copenhagen with an even better experience in connection with their trip," says Birgitta Sandhaag, Product Manager at SAS Lounges.

SAS Gold Lounge visitors at Copenhagen Airport will from November be able enjoy a cup of coffee, brewed by the lounge barista, before their flight

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