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SAS Upgrade just got better

SAS wants true travelers to have the best possible travel experience and upgrading to SAS Plus or SAS Business is a great way to enhance your trip.

SAS is always one step ahead, listening to customers and focusing on new and innovative ways to fulfil their needs – and doing it using the best technology available.

Upgrades are one of the most popular features among EuroBonus members and now, if you’re flying on an SAS Standard Award Ticket you can bid on upgrades to SAS Plus or SAS Business on flights across the globe.

Bid on upgrades

“Here at SAS we are focused on delivering a premier, customer-first experience,” explains Annika Ingelhammar, Manager Program Development, EuroBonus. “Upgrades are a favorite among passengers and making Award Tickets eligible for upgrades is delivering what EuroBonus members want.”

From the 6th of March travelers will be able to bid to upgrade award trips using the SAS digital bidding tool, SAS Upgrade, on the SAS website, with payment being made by credit card or using EuroBonus points.

“Upgrades on Award trips will be available on all SAS routes – domestic, European, and intercontinental,” says Ingelhammar. “And the same bidding prices and processes apply to Award Upgrades as to regular tickets.”

Giving travelers the best possible

This means that just like with bidding on regular ickets, the highest bids will be accepted. And by using the bidding tool to bid on an upgrade, travelers get the opportunity to enjoy the full product offer in SAS Plus or SAS Business, including a host of features that will make your trip that much more enjoyable, such as speeding through the airport with SAS Fast Track, relaxing in SAS Lounges, and enjoying food and beverages onboard. For longhaul flights you also get the possibility to stretch your legs in wider, more comfortable seats in a separate cabin.

“Our commitment is always to give passengers the best possible travel experience,” says Ingelhammar.  “So by giving EuroBonus members the opportunity to upgrade Award Tickets we are extending the chance for our members to enjoy SAS Plus and Business.”

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