Tips for a stress-free family travel

Upset babies, hyper six-year-olds, giggly tweens, and surly teens – traveling with kids is sometimes a challenging adventure. Here’s how to keep your sanity, while keeping your kids happy.


Catching up on sleep might sound great, but don’t do it – the kids will run amok and you’ll end up feeling the wrath of your fellow passengers. ­Instead, bring that book you haven’t read, while keeping an eye on the kids.  

Smaller child

Prepare a “busy bag” beforehand – books, coloring books and crayons, stickers and simple crafts – and make sure you have plenty of snacks!


Try to coincide naptime with takeoff. If that’s not possible, use a bottle or pacifier. During the flight, walk the aisles every so often and have some favorite toys and books on hand. 

Meal tips!

Don’t forget to pre-order your meals for your flight on flysas.com – the best possible start to the trip for you and the whole family!


Fully charge the electronics before you fly and download a few favorite movies. If they’re readers, surprise them with a new book by their favorite author or genre.

The whole family

For a different kind of fun, have everyone watch a comedy at the same time, but on individual screens. You’ll have as many laughs seeing if ­­everyone chuckles at the same time, as from the movie itself.


Let them keep control of all maps and apps you’ll use on your trip on their phone. This keeps them involved in the trip, and ­encourages them to avoid falling down a digital rabbit hole. 

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