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Your EuroBonus card – always by your side

EuroBonus is all about supporting you in your everyday life, so whether you’re in a shop or buying online, you can earn points on every purchase.

When EuroBonus launched 25 years ago, members earned points in the air. Then quickly it became possible to earn points when renting a car or booking a hotel. Co-branded credit cards expanded the possibilities, as did partnerships with companies and banks. Today, with EuroBonus In Store, members can earn points in all areas of their everyday life, whether that’s shopping for a bed at Hästens, buying clothes from Helly Hansen or savoring French food at Zink Grill in Stockholm.

“EuroBonus members of all tiers are discovering the benefits of earning points while shopping,” says Magdalena Rohdin Hurtig, SAS Product Development Manager. “Word is spreading about just how easy and convenient it is.”

EuroBonus Basic member Petter Adeberg says being able to use his membership card as he shops for clothes, groceries or gas for his car, allows him to earn more points as he goes about his daily errands.

“I hope the trend of adding more accrual opportunities continues. I use EuroBonus daily and using it in my everyday life in addition to travel makes a lot of sense for me as a consumer. I bought some furniture and earned enough points for a domestic flight ticket! I know it’s a developing program, so I’m excited to see where it goes.”

When dining out or shopping at clothing stores, 30 to 250 points can be earned for every 100 Swedish, Danish or Norwegian kronor spent. And it’s incredibly easy to do – just go to “Earn Points” on the SAS site or app to find participating stores. Once you’re in the shop you simply swipe your EuroBonus membership card at the payment terminal before paying. Points will normally appear on your account within two working days, although some stores have a 21-day wait to facilitate returns.

Earn points shopping online

Now there are several ways to earn EuroBonus points. You can shop in stores, restaurants or cafés and swipe your card in the payment terminal before you pay. You will find all participating stores in the SAS App.

If you would rather shop from home, you can earn points  at more than 400 online stores through the EuroBonus Earn shopping portal. As long as you’re logged in as a EuroBonus member you’ll earn between 10 to 80 points for every SKr100/NKr/DKr you spend.

There’s also SAS’ own Euro­Bonus Shop, where a selection of  products from well-known brands are offered at attractive prices. This is a great opportunity to shop and earn points for those living outside Scandinavia.

As EuroBonus celebrates 25 years, the possibilities to earn points are increasing all the time – and the list of partners continues to grow.

Text: Judi Lembke

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