Island Creek Oyster Bar. Photos: Island Creek Oyster Bar
Island Creek Oyster Bar. Photos: Island Creek Oyster Bar

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Eat and drink your way through Boston

While Boston, a seaside port, is famous for one particular tea party, tea is not the city’s biggest attraction as far as sustenance is concerned. There are the well-known lobster rolls, clam chowders, and oysters, but Boston also has great bakeries, cocktail bars, and Asian restaurants.

Island Creek Oyster Bar/Eastern Standard/The Hawthorne

These three have to be listed (and, if ­possible, enjoyed) together because they’re all right next to each other and share owners. They’re also three of the best spots for primo craft cocktails and top-notch food. Also just around the ­corner from Fenway Park, the home of the Red Sox.

500 Commonwealth Avenue

Russell House Tavern

Russell House Tavern. Photo: Russell House Tavern

Should you find yourself across the river in the Harvard Square area, the Russell House Tavern will give you all the cocktails and ­microbrews you could dream of, with ­excellent food to match. Good spot to eat, drink, and people-watch. 

14 JFK Street, Cambridge

Tatte Bakery

Cookies, cakes, pastries, tarts, sandwiches, salads, soups – it’s all world-class at this popular bakery, now with multiple locations around the city. The fare has a Mediterranean/European vibe and will leave you ready to bring some treats home in a box. Do it.

70 Charles Street

Neptune Oyster

Neptune Oyster. Photos: Neptune Oyster

Prepare for a long wait. And for an amazing eating and drinking experience at this critic’s favorite. Though ­oyster-focused, there are plenty of other delectable seafood and pasta dishes to dig into.

63 Salem Street


Guess what you do here? Yep. You drink. Fancy craft cocktails made by some of Boston’s most talented bartenders. It’s chic and understated – be ready to describe the type of cocktail you want and let the bartenders work their magic.

348 Congress Street

Shabu Zen

Boston’s Chinatown is worth a visit and there are a number of good spots, but Shabu Zen rises to the very top. The “hot pot” style restaurant lets you cook meat, veggies, and fish in delicious flavored broths. There’s a small bar, too, with large TVs for the game. Prepare to get messy and to love every minute of it.

16 Tyler Street

Blue Dragon

Celebrity chef Ming Tsai nailed it with this Asian gastropub in the buzzing Fort Point neighborhood. The tapas-style menu brings Chef Tsai’s East-Meets-West twist to pub classics, all served with craft beers and signature cocktails. Two TVs at the bar will show the game.

324 A Street


By Devin Wilson

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