Fast-food at Casual Street Food in Malmo.
Fast-food at Casual Street Food in Malmo.

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The best fast-food in Malmo

Pernilla Elmquist runs Nordic Street Food, Malmo’s first food truck. Here is Pernilla’s 5 fast-food tips in Malmo.

Pernilla Elmquist.Pernilla Elmquist runs Nordic Street Food, Malmo’s first food truck. The peak season starts in April and until then her Nordic fast-food is available only sporadically at selected locations.
Using slow-cooked, locally produced ingredients and Nordic seasoning, the former Swedish Masterchef contestant produces fresh, well-made food for everyone: in other words, top-quality street food.
“Street food is something you eat with your hands and I have found solutions like home-made hamburger buns using linseed and thin unleavened bread instead of tortillas.”
“I always use locally sourced Nordic produce.”
Pernilla Elmquist and her partner started Nordic Street Food to take their interest in food to the next level, without having to open an ordinary restaurant just for the sake of it.
“We thought it was too difficult and too expensive,” she says.
During the low season, until April, the food truck makes a number of intermittent appearances, and the easiest way to track its movements is at www.facebook.com/nordicstreetfood.

Pernilla’s 5 fast-food tips in Malmo:

Casual Street food

Amazing burgers made from scratch, with a lot of love.

Spångatan 32 A

The Orient House of Falafel no 1

Falafel No 1 is a classic Malmo venue that started life in Rosengård and has grown into an empire. Genuine food lovingly made from scratch; they care about what they make.

Österportsgatan 2A


Soups and stews served from a hole in the wall, at three locations around Malmo.

Spoonery Slottsstaden, Östra Stallmästaregatan 2
Spoonery Limhamn, Geijersgatan 2
Spoonery St Knut, St Knuts väg 7

Saltimporten. Photos: Per-Anders Jörgensen


This restaurant at the entrance to Malmo harbor has specialized in Nordic and local produce since 2013. Now you can get their food in the city center too.

Regementsgatan 8

Salads and smoothies.

Salads and Smoothies

Well-chosen ingredients that you combine to make your own salad, and smoothies using fresh berries, at five locations in Malmo.

Malmö City, Kalendegatan 26
Malmö Centralstation, Skeppsbron 1 C
Caroli Matsalar, Östergatan 12
Malmö Dockan, Östra Varvsgatan 11D
Malmö Point Hyllie, Arenagatan 23


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