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Explore Bagheria – Only 30 minutes from Palermo

From a distance, Bagheria looks like any other working-class town. But when you take a closer look, you’ll find a genuine oasis of opportunities and beauty just waiting to be discovered.

Photo: I Pupi di Bagheria

Eat at a starred restaurant or a gourmet panini

Tony Lo Coco runs I Pupi di Bagheria, a restaurant with one star in the Guide Michelin. Here, they serve elegant dishes with quintessential Sicilian flavors. Lo Coco recently opened a simpler bistro where he serves gourmet panini along with delicious small dishes. A visit to one of them is a must in Bagheria.

I Pupi di Bagheria

Via del cavaliere, 59, Bagheria

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Photo: Chiara Magi

Stay at a cozy country farm

Terre di Himera is 30 minutes from Bagheria. A country farm run by Fabrizio Russo and Maria Gambino with five rooms to let, you really feel at home staying there. Gambino serves a wonderful home-cooked breakfast and traditional rustic dishes in the evening. A fantastic place.

Terre di Himera

Photo: Chiara Magi

Art museum in Bagheria

Villa Cattolica is one of 33 historic villas in Bagheria. Here you’ll find a fascinating art museum with works by Renato Guttuso and photographer Ferdinando Scianna, plus two rooms with historic movie posters.

Villa Cattolica

Via Rammacca, 9

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Monster villa in Bagheria

Villa Palagonia is a bizarre sight and not for the squeamish. This 18th century villa is filled with all kinds of fright-inducing statues and decorations and is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the town.

Villa Palagonia

Piazza Garibaldi, 3, Bagheria

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Photo: Chiara Magi

Museum for small fish

Michelangelo Baristero’s family started a canning factory after the second world war and still produces pickled sardines. He has also opened a museum dedicated to what has been the family’s bread and butter since 1947. You can buy sardines and other delicacies at a small store next to the museum.

Museo dell´Acciuga

Strada Comunale Cotogni, 86, Bagheria

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