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The best ice cream in Palermo

In Sicily you can eat ice-cream even for breakfast. Here are the best places if you're looking for a cold treat in Palermo.

Antonio Cappadonia. Photo: Chiara Magi“We have fantastic products from Sicily, so we use very little sugar. This means the flavors come through in an incomparable way. Sicily has plenty of sun, ripe fruit and also wonderful nuts and almonds full of flavor,” says Antonio Cappadonia with a smile, the ice cream king of Palermo and Sicily, who has won countless awards over the years. You understand why as soon as you taste his ice cream. Magically delicious and almost addictive.

They even eat ice cream for breakfast in Sicily. 
“The ice cream is served in a round brioche, that has a little top in the middle. The top is called o´tuppoin Sicilian. You remove it and use it to eat the ice cream instead of a spoon,” says Cappadonia.

He adds that you can eat ice cream and brioche at any time of the day or night and that he himself never gets tired of it. 
“Lemon ice cream is one of my favorites. Making lemon ice cream is like making a really good tomato sauce. It sounds easy but it’s the opposite. You have to use genuine products and find exactly the right balance between sweet and sour,” he says, in all seriousness.

Cappadonia only uses seasonal raw materials and milk from organic farms. For example, he uses five different types of lemon that ripen at different times of the year. He opened his first ice cream parlor in 1987 and now has several dotted around Palermo. There are always at least 20 flavors to choose from. 
“So, there are flavors to suit everyone and you mustn’t miss out on an ice cream breakfast in Palermo,” a laughing Cappadonia says. 

Photo: Chiara Magi

Chocolate and pistachio

A hole in the wall on Via Emanuele in Palermo. If dark chocolate is your favorite flavor, you should come here. All the ice cream is home-made and on late summer evenings it’s fun to sit outside at one of the small tables and people-watch.


Via Vittorio Emanuele, 87, Palermo

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Photo: Gelati & Granite by Cannoli & Co

Limited choice but of the highest quality

Wonderful ice cream, a limited choice but all of the highest quality. A real favorite is ice cream made with pistachio nuts from Raffadali. They also serve delicious cannoli here, filled with delightfully sweet ricotta.

Gelati & Granite by Cannoli & Co

Via Maqueda 266, Palermo

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Photo: Chiara Magi

Modern in central Palermo

A modern style interior where you can see straight into the kitchen where the ice cream is made. They have a wide choice of ice cream sauces you can fill your cornet with, before topping with ice cream. Many people come here for the exquisite crema brioscià, chocolate cream with hazelnuts.


Via Mariano Stabile 198, Palermo

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Photo: Chiara Magi


Don’t miss the ice cream king of Palermo when you’re in Palermo. Antonio Cappadonia and his ice cream which is served in a round brioche is a must try.

Piazzetta Francesco Bagnasco, Palermo

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 401, Palermo

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Photo: Al Gelatone

Vegan and gluten-free

They make fantastic ice cream at Al Gelatone that also has branches in Milan, Spain and Dubai. As an added bonus, they have many choices for people who are allergic to gluten or lactose products, do not eat sugar or are vegan. The flavors are intense, and the strawberry ice cream is a veritable aromatic taste bomb.

Al Gelatone

Via Giuseppe Puglisi Bertolino 23, Palermo

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